Return Policy

You will receive your warranty on the day of collection or delivery of the product.

From that day on, you have a 1-year warranty which includes the following:
- An initial 7 day return period from day of warranty if not completely satisfied.
- The product must be returned in its original state, packaging and proof of purchase.
- Returning the product will be for your own account, shipping costs are non-refundable.
- You will be notified after assessment of product to confirm your refund, if it can be resold.


Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee will be deducted in the case of cancelling your pre-order.
A fixed 10% charge will be deducted for admin and ordering costs occurred.



The 1 year warranty is not transferable and will only be valid to original owner with proof of purchase. If there is any deficiency with the product or material not caused by wear and tear, we will collect the product on our own cost after description and photographs of warranty issue was determined and will either repair it or replace the product. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse of the product which it is not intended for. We will provide replacement parts or conduct repairs determined by the company.

The warranty does not cover:

- Alterations not done by the company
- Product is damaged as a result of an accident
- Wear and tear
- Stains of any kind
- Damage caused by overload
- Damage caused by corrosion, mould or rust
- Damage caused by lack of maintenance
- Scratch and dents
- Improper use or installation of product not stipulated in the manual e.g. failure to follow instructions. 

We have the right to determine if the warranty terms and conditions have been met. After the warranty has expired, please feel free to contact us through email for any repairs or replacement parts needed for your product.

Enjoy your BabaCoco Product!!!